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Charge flow from one capacitor to another

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Why and how does charge flow from one capacitor to another capacitor when the two are connected to each other by a conducting wire?
I am not able to understand that; why and how does negative charge flow from a capacitor having lower potential difference between its plates to a capacitor having higher potential difference between its plates, when both are connected by a conducting wire.

Also, why is the charge lost by one = charge gained by the other capacitor ?

Please help me understand this with the help of a figure.


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To understand this phenomenon, we should first start with how a capacitor is initially "charged". This is normally done by connecting a battery across the terminals of the capacitor.

When a capacitor is connected to the terminals of a battery, each plate of the capacitor becomes charged. The plate connected to the positive terminal loses electrons. Because this plate has a lack of electrons, it assumes a positive charge. The plate ...

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