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    Liquid in a vessel in a vacuum chamber

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    A vessel holding some liquid is placed in a vacuum chamber that is constantly pumped. Gas leaks from the vessel into the vacuum through a small hole, radius 4.15 micro m, but the pressure inside the vessel remains 38.6 kPa. After a day mass of the vessel has dropped from 100 g to 99.5 g. Assuming the container has at all times been at 70 K, suggest (with reasoning) the identity of the liquid.

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    The vessel with a pin hole contains the liquefied gas. Above the liquid in the vessel is the gas. The gas molecules are in a state of random motion, in the process colliding with each other as well as the sides of the container. Pressure on the sides of the container is the result of this bombardment of the sides by the gas molecules. Let the average speed with which a molecule collides with the sides of the container be v. Assuming a perfectly elastic collision, the molecule bounces back with the same speed resulting in a change of momentum = mv - (-mv) = 2mv (m is the mass of the ...

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