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Bound Particle in a Finite Square Well/Potential Well

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Question 1

Figure 1 represents a particle of total energy Etot bound in a finite potential well, with potential energy function Etot (x).

(see attachment for figure and question)

a) From figure 1 express Epot(x) as a function of x.

b) For the range of x covered by figure 1 sketch the wave function of the bound state of lowest energy; explain briefly the form taken by in the direction of region x.

c) A particle of mass m with energy Etot greater than W1 but less than W2 is projected from the right; give a short classical account of its subsequent motion, including expressions for speed.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides an expression for potential energy, A sketch and explanation of the wave function (for the bound state of lowest energy) is also provided. Finally, a classical account and step by step calculations for collision of the particles is given.

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