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    Parameters of a Transformer

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    An ideal step-down transformer is used to convert the AC voltage from the power line at 120V to 5.0V in an adapter for your laptop computer.
    (a) The primary coil has 2000-turns, how many turns are in a secondary coil?
    (b) If the average power consumption of your laptop is 80W, what is the average current in the primary coil and the current I in the secondary coil?
    (c) What is the load resistance R in the secondary coil? Assume that it is an ideal transformer.

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    Vp = 120 Volt
    Vs = 5 Volt

    Np = 2000 turns
    Ns = (VS/Vp)*Np = ...

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    For given data specifications of a transformer, other parameters are estimated. The amount of turns in a secondary coil transformer used to convert AC voltage from the power line to an adapter in your laptop is computed. The aver current in the primary and secondary coil are given. The load resistance in the secondary coil for an ideal transformer are given. The expert provides equations for both the primary and secondary coil. The voltage and turns of the primary coil are determined.