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    Pressure Difference of a Hurricane from Eye to Rim

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    For a hurricane of radius 330 km, the 'eye' is a circular area whose radius is about 10% that of the entire hurricane. If the air swirls around the 'eye' at 165 km/hr, and if the angular momentum of the air swirling in from the rim to the eye is relatively constant, then what is the pressure difference between the outer rim of the hurricane and the eye?

    Please show how the data given is used to come to the answer.

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    Since the angular momentum of the air is constant from the rim to the eye, we have v_1 r_1 = v_2 r_2, where v_1 = 165 km/hr is the speed of the air swirling around the eye, r_1 = 33 km is the radius of ...

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    We use Bernoulli's principle to estimate the pressure difference of a hurricane from the eye to the rim.