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Physics: Models of Atom

Which of the following statements are true about the models of the atom? Supporting your answers with explanation.

1. Thomson's model of the atom depicted electrons distributed uniformly throughout a positively charged sphere.
2. In the Bohr model, specific energy levels correspond to specific radii for the electron orbits.
3. The absorption and emission lines in a spectrum occur because the nucleus has a net positive charge.
4. Rutherford realized that an atom had a very massive center (nucleus) because he split the nucleus and obtained huge amounts of energy.
5. The highest energy levels in an atom are close to E = 0 eV.

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Question 1:

TRUE - Thomson's model, also known as the plum pudding model, was proposed by J.J. Thomson. It described the atom was a corpse composed of electrons swimming in a soup of positive charge, thus making the atom normally neutral.

Question 2:

TRUE - Bohr model quantifies the energy of the electron to certain levels when the electron is stable. Therefore, fixed radii correspond to fixed energy levels the electron can have in orbit of the ...

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