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Circular Motion and Weight

A 587 kg roller coaster car (includes mass of occupants) are passing through a vertical loop. The speed of the car at the top of the loop is 15.4 m/s. What radius of curvature (in meters) must the loop have at its very top in order for the occupants to experience a normal force which is 1/3 their weight?

Two students sitting in adjacent seats in a lecture room have weights of 602 N and 682 N. Assume that Newton's law of universal gravitation can be applied to these two students and find the gravitational force (in Newtons) that one student exerts on the other when they are separated by .596 m. Express your answer using scientific notation.

How many Earth radii above the Earth (not from its center) must you be located to experience an acceleration of gravity of 1.952 m/s/s. Express in terms of Earth-radii; that is, express the answer as the number of times greater than 6.38 x 10^6 m. Enter your answer to the third decimal place.

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