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Working with centripetal motion - mass attached to string

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Hi. Can someone show me how to do the the following problem?

"A mass M of 2.71 kg is attached to the end of a string whose length is 0.640 m, and is whirled in a vertical circle in the same radius about a fixed point. Find the magnitude of the tension when the mass is at the top if its speed at the top is 5.73 m/s."

(I don't think you need this information, but just in case. . . This is part II of a two-part question. In part I, we're told that the string can withstand a maximum tension of 77.1 N and that the maximum tangential speed the ball can have before the string breaks is 4.27 m/s.)

Thank you!

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Step by step solution with good explanations. A figure is given for clarity of explanations.

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This is an example of uniform circular motion. In the case of uniform circular motion, the velocity is not constant(as the direction is continuously changing) but the SPEED remains ...

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