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Acceleration of a car and projectile motion

1) A car starts from rest with an acceleration of 6 m/sec2. After attaining a speed of 30 m/sec it maintains a constant speed. Find (a) the distance traveled in 10 seconds and (b) average speed during in the first 10 seconds.

2) A projectile is fired from the ground with an unknown speed at an angle fo 30 degrees. Its range is 200 meters. Determine (a) initial spped (b) speed at the highest point (c) time of flight

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initial velocity (u)= 0
acceleration = a = 6 m/s^2
final velocity due to acceleration = 30 m/s
v = u +a*t
=> t = (30-0)/6 = 5 s
Hence, after 5 sec the car will travel at constant speed of 30 m/s

distance travelled ...

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