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    Plotinus Pointers

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    In 300 hundred words or less, describe why someone would want to sit down to dinner with the great philosopher of Neoplatonism, Plotinus.

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    To have the honor of sitting next to one of history's greatest philosophers after Plato would in and of itself be enough of a reason. However, the specifics of the conversations with Plotinus over a good meal could broaden the conceptual grasp one has on human nature and the awareness of self and the principles for which we as humans associate desire and removal from desires.

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    A key topic for this dinner would be an inquiry into Plotinus's exact meanings through his own words of his famous writings referred to as Enneads (Greek for 9) (O'Meara, 1993). The lack of a construct in the Enneads is fascinating as each one has specific topics for which it would take many dinners to understand. For example, Ennead I contains, roughly, ethical discussions; Ennead IV is devoted to matters of psychology and Ennead V, to epistemological matters (O'Meara, 1993).