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    False attribution of quote to Jon Stuart Mill's On Liberty

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    I am writing a paper on J.S. Mill's On Liberty. I cannot locate the following quote anywhere in his text:

    "Is the encouragement of individuality, and with it the expansion of human happiness, best accomplished by an absolute prohibition against all social interference in the inner sphere of each person's life?"

    My guess is this is not Mill's quote at all. Please tell me if it is indeed Mill and where it is in the book! This is driving me mad. Several other students also cannot find the quote. If it is NOT Mill, can you tell me who said it? If not, that's ok, I really just need to know if Mill said it or not in On Liberty. Thank you!!

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    This is not a quote from "On Liberty." I read through the text myself, and could not find it anywhere. I did a computer search of the text and could not find it in the text, either. So I am very confident that this is not a quote from ...

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