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Rights & Forms of Government

Could you explain for me where do rights come from? And what is the best form of government and why?

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Rights & Government

What are rights? Basically, they are the actions, choices, properties, things, viewpoints and situations we are entitled to do or are allowed to do. By whom? Well, it depends. Rights are dependent upon a particular framework. In a state of nature where the order is according to nature - survival of the fittest, no rule of law, rights are non-existent as it is everyman to himself. There is no justice for justice as well as rights do not exist in such a state where anarchy and chaos and the struggle for survival are only elements that matter. The rights we know today are existent because of a particular social construct. This is because as citizens of a particular nation, we have entered into a social contract with each other. To create a sense of order and to govern ourselves, we have written a ...

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The solution is a concise 581-word shirt essay that explains the what rights are/where it comes from. Additionally, forms of government are also discussed including democracy, communism & elitism to explain the author's preference of democracy. References a re listed for further expansion. A word version is attached for easy printing.