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    Can someone help me describe the ways in which nanoscience mightg affect the human experience on a globel level? What might be its impact on the social elements of culture and institutions of social? Please discuss this in terms of economics, politics, religion, and/or art.

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    Nanotechnology is the study of machinery, both biological and mechanical, on the atomic or molecular level. In general, it is defined as dealing with structures less than 100 nanometers or smaller. It is a diverse field, synergizing principles of physics, genetics, engineering and focuses on both new materials and molecular self-assembly. Because this technology is still in its infancy, scholars and ethicists are still debating the benefits to the human race. Like many issues in technology, though, it could both enhance and detract - the positive uses could encourage medical advances, quality of life issues, safety and security; its negative effects could be weaponry of a scale uncomprehendable and if left out of control, the destruction of life on earth as we know it (Ratner, 2002).

    Medicine is one of the more interesting ways in which Nanotechnology might have an immediate effect upon society. Medicine is highly complex, so it will take some time for the full benefits to be achieved, but many benefits will occur almost immediately. Many medical problems will be prevented. Better research will greatly improve our understanding of cause and effect, allowing us to live more healthy lifestyles with far less effort. It will allow early detection and treatment and correct the problem before it turns into a full-blown disease. According to TA-SWISS nanotechnology project coordinator, nanotechnology will lead to more efficient medical diagnosis as early as 2010. Nanotechnology will be able to detect new diseases even before symptoms appear and create a cure in a matter of days. It will be possible to spot any new pathogen immediately. There is already a project under way to sequence the DNA of every orgasm in the Sargasso Sea. Curing a new infectious disease will require some method of detecting and stopping the pathogen. Robert Freitas has described over a dozen nanotechnology ways to disable or destroy pathogens. The tools of medicine will become cheaper and more powerful. High tech tools of medicine are naturally expensive to manufacture, especially if they must be kept sterile. With nanotechnology ...

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