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    Relationship between nanotechnology and surface phenomena

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    A. In what ways do nanotechnology and surface phenomena overlap? b. What is the relationship between and nanotechnology and surface phenomena? c. What are the differences between nanotechnology and surface phenomena?

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    a. Overlap of Nanotechnology and Surface Phenomena
    When surface area becomes exceedingly large in comparison to mass, a different set of physical laws apply. Surface phenomena describe how these laws impact matter, and nanotechnology uses these same principles to accomplish things that could not be done in larger dimensions. Among the areas where these new laws are apparent are:
    1. Interfacial processes â?" the basis of the surface phenomena lies with the first scientists who found the mathematical laws that govern interfacial interactions (e.g. LaPlace, Young, and Einstein). Interfaces are critical to every area of human endeavor, so many nanoscientists are researching them. For example, coating that ...

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    Similarities and differences between surface phenomena and nanotechnology.