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Application of Critical theory to US Society

If you were to write about how to improve American society today, would you have a critical theory--that is, a theory about how to evaluate and judge it?
(Briefly, what would your theory be?)

Would criticism about so-called corporate culture be criticized on the same principles?

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Critical Theory for US society

If I were to write a critical theory in relation to the US society, I would borrow from the ideas of Giddens and Kuhn. The US society is broad and a sociological look at it gives varied avenues of study and it is difficult to center on one specific social phenomenon alone because there are a myriad of social phenomenon that need to be addressed in relation to improving the conditions of living of the poorest as well as the way social structures are established and run which impedes in providing ...

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The solution discusses the use of critical theory in assessing present-day US society, in particular offers Gidden's 'risk society' and Kuhn's 'paradigm shifts' as critical theories of relevance. The solution also offers ideas on US corporate culture in relation to the application of critical theory for the purpose of evaluation to avoid corporate culture issues (i.e. Ponzi schemes). references are listed for the purpose of expansion.