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Language and Reality

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How do you personally use language to create reality?

There is an oft repeated adage, "When you learn another language, you gain another soul." What do you think this means?

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Language & Personal Reality

What is personal reality? Simply put, it is how we view the world through our own eyes. We see the world uniquely, we have varied interpretations and very particular takes on what we see and experience as our continuing life-experience inform our socialization and the formation of the identities and personalities we embody/display/manifest. Language allows us to use words and phonetic/speech/written symbology to ground/attach meaning to the objects, things and views of the reality before us. When we open our windows in the morning we attach the word sun to the light and beautiful to ...

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The solution is a concise yet comprehensive essay on the use and utilization of language in creating knowledge and making sense of reality. Language and personal as well as social reality is discussed from a sociological viewpoint and the phrase 'new language, new soul' is explained and given meaning. References are listed for expansion. The solution follows the APA format.

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