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    Logical atmoism - Bertrand Russell

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    How has Bertrand Russell contributed to analytic philosophy?

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    Bertrand Russell has made a wide-ranging contribution to philosophy and there are of course many topics you could discuss. One suggestion is his theory 'Logical Atomism' which is certainly one of his more eminent contributions to analytic philosophy, and more particularly to metaphysics and to epistemology.

    One famous account of this theory can be found in Russell's own lecture entitled 'The philosophy of logical atomism' which he delivered in London in 1918. The PDF version of this lecture can be accessed via this link: http://www.hist-analytic.org/RussellLAfacts.pdf.

    The other very useful reference you should down load is Our Knowledge of the External World - also by Russell and is available for free download at:


    Russell introduces the concept of logical atomism in both of these texts.

    Here is my ...

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