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    Logic and Truthfulness

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    Please answer both questions
    1. Which of the ways of knowing with people like Descartes, William James, William Cliford etc) makes the LEAST sense? Why?

    2. How would you describe your own way of assessing truth claims when made by: a) friends, b) media (radio, television, magazines), and c) scholarly works or text books.

    I'm asking 4 people this question to get research for a final paper.

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    For me, the school of thought that tends to make the least sense is arguably also the most influential for modern Western thought: that of Cartesian philosophy. The reasons for this are varied. For one, Descartes has serious flaws that physicalists tend to jump upon. His inevitable distinction between the material and the mind leads one to question how the distinction came to be made. If, for example, he realizes he can distrust his senses, how would be able to trust his sense of the mind? Anything he can sense at all must be distrusted, including that sense which leads him to realize and accept the presence of mental construction and reasoning. Cartesian Dualism, simply put, also introduces a host of undesirable consequences. People are able to justify certain actions that would otherwise be unacceptable to them. In ...

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    Cartesian Dualism is argued against, using physicalism as a counter, and measurements of truth (alongside the motives behind such measurements) are discussed in brief.