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    Ethical Dilemma of Joelle's Case Study

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    Read the case study concerning Joelle. Discuss the different ethical principles which can be applied in handling this situation. Which would you use and why?

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    Joelle Case Study

    There are many ethical issues on both ends. Here are the ethical issues on the employer's part:
    1. Illegal dumping of hazardous waste
    2. Knowingly endangering the public and its safety
    3. Asking an employee to illegally dump hazardous waste without telling them what they are being exposed to
    4. Asking an employee to lie to keep the secret
    5. Threatening not to fulfill a promise if Joelle does not comply with the request to lie.
    The ethical dilemma on Joelle's part is a follows:
    1. Keep her job or be honest and tell the truth about the chemical dumping
    2. Divulge company secrets ...

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