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    What is Knowledge

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    1. State your belief as to which source of knowledge, rationalism or empiricism,
    leads to the most reliable form of knowledge and why.
    2. Can certainty be obtained as a criterion of knowledge? How, or why not?
    In the Discussions Area you MUST answer the following two questions:
    3. It has been proposed that we are certain in knowing that we are going to die.Why do you know or not know this? Please use reason, empirical evidence, but not authority.

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    1. My belief is that you have to determine what knowledge is. Mathematical knowledge is different from knowledge about history. The first is derived from principles and concepts, the second is set up by data. The most reliable form of knowledge is that can be controlled without any kind of tools let alone human thinking or mind. So, as you mentioned, rationalism is that kind of knowledge. Rationalists prove their right of existence with using the laws of thinking (logic, deduction or induction etc...) and the form of kowledge they have is certain for the construction they have is controllable. E.g. mathematicians or metaphysicians can build up a construction that is 100 % certain. The method they use is usually deduction that also gives certainty. Are the concepts and laws of mind can be identified with real knowledge? Are concepts enough to reach real knowledge? Is mathematics enough to know the world? I think the more rigorous (=100% certain) knowledge is the ...