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    Absolute Certainty

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    Is it possible to know anything with absolute certainty?
    I have been looking at Descartes meditations but my instructor pointed me to epistemology.
    Can I just get some directions on how to prove that there is no such things as knowing something with absolute certainty.

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    One of the most important scientist/philosophers/mathematicians in the 20th century was a man named Alfred Korzybski. He wrote an important book called "Science and Sanity" (1933) in which he spelled out important philosophical principles regarding epistemology. You would do well to read at least the first few chapters of this work.

    Fundamentally, how do we obtain data from the universe? We do so by abstraction. What does this mean? Abstraction is the process by which we "abstract" data points from the observable universe. To abstract means to select a subset of the available information. Consider, if you would, a universe filled with an infinite amount of information. Now, consider yourself examining that universe. There is no way you can process an infinite array of data points, so what do you do? You select a subset that is manageable. You process that subset and then draw conclusions based on that.

    We do this all the time.

    After all, we only have a certain, limited number of senses by which we can abstract data from the ...

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