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    A.J. Ayer's argument against ethical objectivism

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    What is A. J. Ayer's key argument against ethical objectivism? Support the response.

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    Ayer's key argument against ethical objectivism is that ethical statements are not verifiable, and thus cannot be true or false. For example, take the statement, "the moon is made of cheese." This statement is verifiable, meaning we can say EITHER that it is true or false, because we can fly to the moon, look at it, analyze what it is made of, and determine whether or not it is actually made of cheese. Now imagine that we were living during the time of the ancient Greeks - we could still say this statement is verifiable in principle. Even though the Greeks did not have the technology to allow them to ...

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    A detailed explanation of Ayer's argument against ethical objectionism, including elements of his own moral theory.