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Enron Scandal and the role of leadership

This is an Enron ethical case study:
How did the Enron leadership play part of the scandal? 250 words
What changes can be made to Enron ethical standards? 250 words

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How did the Enron leadership play part of the scandal?

Enron's leadership played a major role in the scandal. The greed of the leadership and senior executives was the basis for this fraud and scandal in the organization. Enron's leadership violated ethical code of conduct and regulations to misguide the stakeholders of the organization. Their main motive was to make personal gains by violating the laws, regulations and ethical standards. The organization's leadership engaged in numerous illegal and unethical acts by violating corporate governance norms, ethical code of conduct and corporate social responsibility towards numerous stakeholders such as investors, shareholders and employees of the organization.

Enron's leadership knew that the financial irregularities and fraud in preparation of financial statements would be detrimental for the organization in the long run, but still continued to engage in such practices for personal gains. The main motive of the leaders was to boost stock prices ...

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The expert discusses the role of leadership in Enron scandal and proposes changes to the ethical standards of the organization.