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    History of Enron and the Enron Scandal

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    Using the history of Enron and the Enron Scandal answer the following questions:

    1. Indicate whether or not accounting theory and regulation adequately addresses professional ethic...why or why not?

    2. indicate the impact the reduced number of pension benefits has on former employees

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    1) In the much publicized case of Enron, Arthur Anderson, Enron's outside auditer had apparently conspired in this case, with the shredding of Enron's documents and preempting the executives with fraudulent information. As a result, the prosecution obtained a criminal indictment against Arthur Anderson for this obstruction of justice. With this information, it is difficult to assume that even a big Accounting Firm like Arthur Anderson now Anderson was regulated in a professional and ethical way. ...

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    Questions regarding the history of Enron and the Enron scandal are highlighted.