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    Descartes Meditation 2 the wax example

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    What is the difference between the epistemological arguements that descartes is making with the wax arguement/axiom and the metaphysical arguements I really cannot distinguish between the two when it comes to descartes I also do not really understand what parts of the cogit in meditation 2 are epistemological vs. metaphysical can you please eplain

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    It is important first, to understand the difference between philosophical arguments of metaphysics and philosophical arguments of epistemology. Both Metaphysics and epistemology are the two core pursuits of theoretical philosophy (as opposed to practical philosophy). However, there is one profound difference:
    <br>On the one hand, Epistemology is concerned with how we determine the difference between knowledge and mere opinion. Relevant questions therefore are: What does it mean truly to know something? How can we acquire such genuine knowledge? Answers to these epistemological questions are essential if we are to have any confidence in the methods and results of our metaphysical investigations. Logically therefore epistemological questions should be answered before we attempt any metaphysical questions.
    <br>On the other ...