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    Rhetoric & Stereotypes

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    I needed stereotypes example associated with the groups below.

    (1) Politicians, (2) Tattooed Persons, (3) Feminists, (4) Senior Citizens.

    Discuss the stereotypes associated with each of these groups.
    Provide an explanation of whether these groups invoke the same image to all persons, and if the stereotypes are positive, negative, or both.
    Describe the language and rhetoric that is used to reinforce the stereotype of each group.
    Is there some "truth" to stereotypes of these groups (and others, as well)?

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    a. As you offer stereotypes example associated with the groups below, society sometimes labels these groups as follows:

    (1) Politicians are typically characterized with suit wearing, big or fancy talking, fake, promise making, lying and manipulating images. They are often seen as wealthy, smooth talking, and often womanizers (if they are male). Many of them are labeled as con artist who exploit others for monetary and/or political gain.

    (2) Tattooed Persons are typically generalized as uneducated, wild, free spiriting, immoral, drug abusing, or lascivious individuals.

    (3) Feminists are often ...

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    Stereotypes of various American sub groups are discussed briefly.