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Making Moral Decisions

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Now, let us think about the great ethical theories in a different way—how productively can they be applied to our daily lives? When faced with the need to make a moral decision, should we take into account the fulfillment of our own character, or the performance of dutiful action, or the most likely consequences? Practical questions call for specific examples, so look for instances in which each of these approaches seems most appropriate

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The benefit of relying on an absolute standard to determine dutiful action is that it doesn't change based on my feelings, tiredness, hurry or opinion. Having an absolute standard gives one confidence in decision making.
Taking my character development into account is a good idea but many times my judgment will be clouded by my immediate desires and opinions and character development will seem like an ...

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This solution examines the process of applying ethical standards to your decision making processes. Can ethical standards be applied to our lives in a practical way? This is a short observation of over 300 words written from the perspective of the author who has taught humanities, ethics and religion courses over the past 15 years.

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