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    Vectors Calculas & Applications

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    1. Evaluate the integral:
    ** see the attachment for the full equation **

    Where D is the domain given by: 1 ≤ x^2 + y^2 ≤ 4 and y ≥ 0.

    2. (i) Find the area of the region enclosed by the ellipse (x^2/a^2) + (y^2/b^2) = 1

    (ii) Find the area of the region enclosed by the parabola y = x^2 and the line y= x + 2.
    Sketch the region.

    3. Calculate the mass of a spherical bead of radius 3, centered at the origin, if the density of the material it is made of, is given by the function :

    4. Evaluate the moment of inertia of a cylinder of radius R and height L about its axis of symmetry, if the density varies with distance from the axis as p = a(x^2 + y^2). Express the result in terms of the cylinder mass.

    5. Calculate the volume of the ellipsoid
    (x^2/a^2) + (y^2/b^2) + (z^2/c^2) ≤ 1.

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    1. We wish to evaluate the integral:
    (please see the attached file)

    where D is the domain given by (please see the attached file) and (please see the attached file)

    The easiest way to solve this integral is to transform to polar coordinates. We have:
    (please see the attached file)

    2. (i) We wish to find the area A of the region D enclosed by the ellipse:
    (please see the attached file)

    For every point in D, we have:
    (please see the attached file) ...

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