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    Statistics and Probability Distribution

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    Please show all of the steps and processes you used to solve each of the problems

    1. Would you suspect that the IDEA surveys sent to South students each term could be biased in the responses received? Why or why not?

    2.Using the data set below, please calculate the:

    12 16 12 10 20 10 10
    - Mean =
    - Median =
    - Mode =

    3. Suppose we want to determine the (binomial) probability (p) of getting 5 heads in 15 flips of a 2-sided coin. Using the Binomial table in the appendix of the text, what values of n, x, and p would we use to look up this probability, and what would be the probability?

    4. Learning is a lifetime activity. For some, it means learning from everyday experiences; for others, it means taking classes in a more traditional atmosphere. The percentage of people participating in organized learning situations during 2002 for each age group is reported here by NIACE.

    Is this a probability distribution? Explain why or why not.

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    1. The surveys will be biased since students tend to show ...

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