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    Reasons For Skewed Distribution Results

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    What "real world" factors do you think contribute to a skewed distribution? Please explain in detail.

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    1.)The criteria for differentiation do not result in distributed data. For example, let us say we wanted to test all high school seniors to determine their knowledge of mathematics, but we only asked one question......"Is 1 + 1 = 2?" true or false. We would obviously have a skewed curve from the results of this one question with almost every student appearing on the high end of the distribution. Alternately, let us assume an opposite case of asking preschoolers to compute the gravitational force of two bodies using Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation. Now our curve would be totally skewed to the low end ...

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    A variety of reasons can cause a probability curve to skew. This solution names six common reasons this can happen. Detailed explanations and examples are given for each reason.