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Probability calculation for binomial distribution

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The questions are to be answered with full solutions. Be sure to focus on proper mathematical form, including:
1. One equal sign per line,
2. Equal signs in each question lined up vertically with each other,
3. No self-developed short form notations,
4. One step or idea per line,
5. Show complete solution to the given problem.

2. The Choco-Latie Canadies Company makes candy-coated chocolates, 40% of which are red. The production line mixes the candies randomly and packages ten per box.
a. What is the probability that less than four candies in a given box are red?
b. What is the probability that at least four candies in a given box are red?

3. 65% of the families in a town own computers. If ten families are surveyed at random
a. What is the probability that at least five own computers?
b. What is the expected number of families that own computers?
5. The life spans of a particular species of turtle are normally distributed with a mean of 180 years and a standard deviation of 40 years. What is the probability that one of these turtles will live more than a century.

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The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of probability for binomial distribution . Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.

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