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Probability of Events

Sixty percent of the employees in adepartment are women. One third of the women drive foreign cars. The rest drive domestic cars. Twenty five percent of the men in the department drive foreign cars. One person is randomly selected from the departmental files. Use this information to construct a probability table and

(1) calculate each of the following probabilities :

a) P(foreign cars)-probability that the selected person drives a foreign car.
b) P(a women and domestic car).
c) P(a man and domestic car).

(2) Are the events women and the foreign car owner inependent ? Why or why not ?


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Let the number of employees be 100

Number of women = 60% of 100
= 60
Number of women who drive foreign cars = 1/3 of women
=1/3 0f 60
= 20
Number of women who drive domestic cars = 60-20

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Probability of an Event = Number of outcomes favourable to Events/Total number of possible outcomes.