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    Basic Probability

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    1. You just got that degree for which you have been working long and hard. You are offered a job, but the drawback is that you have to move. You check into the town and things start to look better. There are lots of nice parks, bike trails, community events, and a low crime rate. You were interested to find out that 2% of the people in the town ride to work by bicycle. You think to yourself, "The odds against selecting someone who commutes to work by bicycle are: (Hint: notice that the sentence includes the word against.
    a. 1:49
    b. 49:50
    c. 49:1
    d. 1:50

    2. You just started a job for a mid-size company. The company is very employee-oriented and likes to have employees get involved with making decisions that help improve employee well-being. You decide to become involved with the smoking-cessation committee. At the first committee meeting you are given the following table which describes the smoking habits of a group of asthma sufferers. You asked yourself, "If one of the 1052 people is randomly selected, the probability that the person is a man or a heavy smoker is: (highlight your answer)
    a. 0.502
    b. 0.548
    c. 0.593
    d. 0.456

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