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probability of selecting cards and possible area codes

1. A card is randomly selected from a standard deck. Find the probability that the card is between four and eight (inclusive) or is a club.

2. Use the fundamental counting principle:
Until recently, with the advent of cellular phones, modems, and pagers, the area codes in the United States and Canada followed a certain system. The first number could not be 0 or 1, the second could only be 0 or 1, and the third could not be 0. Under this system, how many area codes are possible?

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1. There are totally 52 cards from a standard deck. so there are 52 selections to choose one card.
There are total of 4 *5 = 20 cards between four ...

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The solution shows to how to find the probability of selecting certain cards randomly from a standard deck. It also calculates the possible number of area codes using the fundamental counting principle.