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Linear Programming : Optimal Solutions for Ace Lumber

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Ace Lumber and Building Supply in Andover, Maryland, has received the following order for standard 1x12 boards to be cut in three lengths
Order for 1x12 Boards

Length Quantity
7 ft 700
9 ft 1200
10 ft 300

The company maintains 1x12 boards in 25-foot standard-length in stock. Therefore, the 25-foot boards must be cut into the lengths necessary to meet the order requirements. The company wishes to minimize the number of standard-length boards used to satisfy this order.

a. Formulate a linear programming model that can be used to determine the minimum number of standard-length (25-foot) boards to cut in completing this order.

b. Determine the optimal solution including the total number of boards used.

keywords: operations research, minimizing, optimizing, minimization, optimization, maximizing, maximization

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