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Interpreting LINDO Output in Linear Programming Optimization

Based on the attached file, please anwer:

a. Give the complete optimal solution
b. What constraints are binding?
c. What would happen if the coefficient of X1 is increased by 6?
d. What would happen if the right-hand-side value of constraint 1 decreased by 10?
e. Which right-hand-side would you be most interested in increasing? Why?

The attached file (.JPG) format is a study question that is used as a "Do it on your own" type of exercise. I'm learning how to use the LINDO software right now.

The answers I came up with were as follows:
a. 30(0)+25(66)+22(0)+20(42)=0+1650+0+840=2490
b. not sure-- how can I tell?
c. The solution would have to be recalculated because the allowable increase for coefficient of X1 is limited to 5.5. (But I don't know if that's a complete answer???)
d. There would be no effect on the optimal solution because the allowable decrease for the right-side range is infinity. (But I don't know if that is a complete answer???)
e. I'm not sure... how can I tell?

If you would please provide the correct answers, it would help my studies. Thank you. It should be an easy interpretation for anyone who is familiar with the software.

Thank you,



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