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Initial-Value Problem Solved

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Solve the IVP:
y'' + 4y' +13y = 13t2 -5t +24 +e^-2t(sin 3t)

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Step 1: Find the general solution to the homogenous problem where the RHS is 0.

Let . Then . This has roots . This gives the solution .

Step 2: Find a particular solution to the full problem by using suitable "guesses".
In this case, the guess will look like:
(Note: we need the "t" in front of the last term because the solution to the homogenous ...

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1a) t(dy/dt) + 5y = 7t w/ y(1) = 3

1b) (dy/dt) + 0.1ty = 7t w/ y(0) = 4

1c) 11(t+1)(dy/dt) - 7y = 28t for t > -1 w/ y(0) = 20

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