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    Prime and composite numbers

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    Please respond to the following questions and provide reference if possible. Thank you.

    a) What is a prime number, and why are prime numbers important?

    b) What do you call a number that is not prime?

    c) What is the largest prime number ever found?

    d) Is the number 294,822,345,711 prime? How about 173,658,965? How can you tell without looking it up in someone else's table?

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    a) Every nimber if divisible by 1 and by itself. Some numbers are divisible by other numbers, for example, 12 is divisible by 2, 3, 4 and 6 in addition to being divisible by 1 and 12. But there are numbers that are divisible ONLY by 1 and themselves, like 3, 7 or 43. These numbers are called prime numbers. Prime numbers are used in ...

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    Prime numbers discussed. Why prime numbers are important are determined.