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    Matlab to solve numerical linear algebra LU-decomposition

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    Use Matlab commands lu(A) and A b to solve the following problem. I need the answer as a matlab file, or at least as a copy of the print-out of the input and output lines.


    2 2 -4 10
    A = 1 1 5 b = -2
    1 3 6 -5

    ( A is 3 x 3 matrix and b is a vector)

    1). Use Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting to find matrices L and U such that U is upper triangular, L is lower triangular with | l_ij| =< 1 for all i > j and LU = A', where A' can be obtained from A by interchanging rows.

    2). Use LU decomposition to solve Ax = b

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    This provides a Matlab file to solve given Gaussian elimination and LU decomposition problems.