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Scatterplots for Tree Growth

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Tree growth scatterplot.
Age 5, 14, 29, 16, 16, 26, 6, 25, 7, 18
Diameter 8, 23, 34, 24, 24, 10, 30, 14, 13
Summary points for first middle and last group based on median-median.(show cords)
Equation of the line passing through the summary points.
Calculate distance from line through the outer summary points to the middle point.
Equation of the median-median line of best fit for data.
What is the slope?

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This shows how to use data to find the line of best fit and other relevant information.

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The number of data in age is 10, but there're 9 data in diameter, so they are not in pairs. Suppose we discard one data in age, say 18, then.

age 5, 14, 29, 16, 16, 26, 6, 25, 7,
diameter 8, 23, 34, 24, 24, 10, 30, 14, 13

1. To fit a median-median line to the points, divide the points into three groups. Do this by taking the set of one-third of the points consisting of those with the smallest x-values, a middle group, a set of one-third of the points with the larges x-values. If the number of points is not divisible by three, extra points need to be assigned symmetrically. Thus, if there is one extra point, it should be added to the middle group, and if there are two extra points, add ...

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