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    Mathematics - Linear Programming : Optimal Solution

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    Brooks City has three consolidated high schools, each with a capacity of 1,300 students. The school board has partitioned the city into five busing districts each with different high school populations. The three schools are located in the central, west, and south districts. Some students must be bused outside their districts, and the school board wants to minimize the total bus distance traveled by these students. The average distances from each district to the three schools and the total student population in each district are as follows:

    The school board wants to determine the number of students to bus from each district to each school to minimize the total busing miles traveled. Hint: You have 5 sources and 3 destinations, giving you 5x3 = 15 possible paths.

    a.) Linear programming model showing the objective function and all 8 constraints, with each constraint labeled.
    b.) A copy and paste of the computer solution window.

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