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    Simplex method

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    Formulation for Simplex Method:

    Variables : F = Full time students
    P1= Part time attending 3 days
    P2 = Part time attending 2 days

    Objective Function : Max Z = 650*F + 460*P1 + 350*P2

    Constraints : F + P2<= 50
    F + P1<= 50
    F,P1,P2 >0

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    We introduce non-negative, slack variables S1 and S2 and formulate the problem as follows:
    Maximize Z = 650 F + 460 P1 + 350 P2
    subject to : F + P1 + S1 = 50
    F + P2 + S2 = 50
    F, P1, P2, S1, S2 >= 0

    We then have an initial basic feasible solution (F, P1, P2, S1, S2) =
    (0,0,0,50,50). S1 and S2 are the basic variables and F, P1, and P2 are
    the nonbasic variables.
    We note that the coefficients on the nonbasic variables in the expression
    for Z are positive so that we may choose any of the nonbasics to be the
    entering basic variable in the simplex method. (In general any nonbasic
    with a positive coefficient in the objective may be chosen as an entering ...

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    This shows how to use the simplex method to maximize an objective function with given constraints.