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    Maximization linear programming model

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    A. Maximization Graph Solutions
    Given the following maximization linear programming model, which of the possible solutions provided below is NOT feasible?
    Maximize Z = 2X1 + 3X2
    subject to:
    4X1 + 3X2 < 480
    3X1 + 6X2 < 600

    a) X1 = 120 and X2 =0
    b) X1 = 75 and X2 = 90
    c) X1 = 90 and X2 = 75
    d) X1 = 0 and X2 = 120

    Answer: _____

    B. Maximization Graphical Solution
    Graphically solve the linear programming model from the previous problem and determine the set of extreme points that make up the set of feasible solutions.

    a) (x1=0, x2=120, z=240), (x1=90, x2=75, z=405), (x1=240, x2=0, z=720)
    b) (x1=0, x2=120, z=240), (x1=90, x2=75, z=405), (x1=135, x2=0, z=405)
    c) (x1=120, x2=0, z=240), (x1=0, x2=100, z=300), (x1=72, x2=64, z=336)
    d) (x1=120, x2=0, z=240), (x1=0, x2=100, z=420), (x1=135, x2=0, z=720)

    Answer: _____

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