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    Linear programming graphical analysis

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    The bakery makes cakes and pastries in a big pan. the main ingredients are flour and sugar. There are 25 pounds of flour and 16 pounds of sugar available, and the demand for cakes is 5. Five pounds of flour and 2 pounds of sugar are required to make a pan of cakes , and 5 pounds of flour and 4 pounds of sugar are required to make a pan of pastries. A pan of cakes has a profit of $1, an a pan of Danish has a prfit of $5. What the number of pans of cakes and pastries to produce each day so profit will be maximized? Also how much flour and sugar will be left unused if the optimal numbers of cakes and pastries are baked? Please help in formulating a linear programming model and using a graphical analysis. I am having difficulty graphing this. Please help.

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