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    solving system of linear equations using matrix method

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    1. Write the augmented matrix for the system of linear equations.
    a) 3x-2y+5z=31

    b) x-2y+3z=9

    3. write the system of linear equations represented by the following matrix. Use x,y, and z as variables:

    4. Perform row operation and write the new matrix.

    5. Solve the system of equations using matrices:
    A) 3y-z = -1
    x+5y -z = -4
    -3x+6y+2z = 11

    B) x-3z = -2
    2x+2y+z = 4
    3x+y - 2z = 5

    6. Find the determinant

    7. If you need to solve large systems with more than three variables, which method is more efficient and why? the Gaussian elimination or Cramer's rule

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