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? Let G be a group and let a,b be two elements of G. The conjugate of b by a is, by definition, the element . The centralizer of a, denoted by s the set of all elements g in G such that ga=ag.

i) Find all possible conjugates f the permutation

ii) Find the centralizer p in .
iii) Prove that for any element a in a group G, the centralizer is a subgroup of G.

? Let G= , the non zero real numbers, with operation given by multiplication. Let H be , the positive real numbers, with operation given by multiplication. You may assume that G and H are groups. Let be the map given by .

i) Prove that is a group homomorphism.
ii) Compute ker and im , explaining your answer

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This shows hwo to find all possible conjugates, find the centralizer, compute kernel and image, and prove centralizer is a subgroup.