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    Essay problem using conic sections and non-linear systems

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    I'm offering a lot of credits for this assignment because I really need help - and I am asking for more than just solving a problem. So please don't take this assignment if you can't help with everything I need.

    I have worked on this problem but I'm not certain it is correct (it seemed to easy and I'm not seeing where conic and linear come into it). I need the following (ALL of the following and anything else you can give - don't be stingy with explanations please as I really want to understand this - what you understand or assume I may not understand and this will determine if I get an A or a B in this online class and whether I keep my grant or not which I desperately need right now):

    1)Check to make sure my final answers are correct and show any work you used to reach the answer if it is different than mine(please show your work!!!). That way I can understand where I went wrong if I did go wrong.
    2)Is the answer truly based on conic sections and non-linear systems - that is what this module was about. But I just did the problem and I'm not sure it is conic or linear in nature? It seemed fairly simple actually, which made me nervous...
    3)Is my work that shows the steps accurate, or does it need to be changed?
    4)Is there a way to graph this is some way? Graphs make sense to me but I haven't found a program yet that will help me graph, I only have a simple equation editor.
    5) I need to cover: "an explanation of the problem, a review of the mathematical concepts involved, a critique of the method used to obtain the solution, and an interpretation of the answer" but I'm not sure how to write all this as it seems to repeat itself when I answer it! Any suggestions on how to add to what I've written would be great - it is much easier to do the work than to try and go back and explain the steps in writing. I don't do well with that so I need help here.

    Here is the problem and requirements:

    Problem: An environmental group estimates that the amount of pollution in a pond will decrease by 10% each month. To determine the concentration C, of pollutants (in parts per million) after (m) months, the group uses the function .

    (1) to the nearest tenth, what will be the concentration of pollutants in the pond in 5 years?

    (2) What was the initial concentration of pollutants in the pond?

    (a) Part A: Solve the above problem using any methods, concepts, and procedures learned in this module. All work must be shown and completed in an equation editor.

    (b) Part B: Write a 250 word summary of the above problem. Your written work should include but necessarily be limited to the following; an explanation of the problem, a review of the mathematical concepts involved, a critique of the method used to obtain the solution, and an interpretation of the answer. Your summary should be written in APA format, should demonstrate proper use of the English language, and be mathematically precise.

    iii) Your final result must be completed in a Word document. All mathematical work must be completed using the Microsoft equation editor or equivalent.

    My paper is in the attachment. The equations wouldn't show up being copied and pasted so I had to attach my work instead. I'm just not feeling confident in this assignment and I'm not sure why. I hope hearing back from whoever takes this on will help...Thanks!!!

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