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    Equations and slope

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    1.Can you show that, given two equations y = m1x + c1 and y = m2x + c2 where c1 and c2 are different, there is no solution if m1 = m2. Interpret this result graphically. Also show that if c1 = c2 then there will be at least one solution no matter what m1 and m2 are. Interpret this result on a graph.

    2.In your reading you have come across two other methods to solve systems of equations aside from the graphing method. Explain these two methods. Provide examples using a system of linear equations of your choice. State your preference of these two methods.

    3.Explain in your own words your understanding of the concept of slope as it relates to graphs of linear equations. Illustrate with examples. Also include in your explanation the use of slopes to determine parallel and perpendicular lines.

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