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Algebra: linear functions

Plot (- 1, 4) on the coordinate axes; I cannot insert the letter X which belongs on the side of the graph just like the letter Y is above. Y

The numbers are 1through 10; also a negative 1-10; Please help me solve this Plot...
Graph the equation and indentify the Y- intercept

2x + 5y = -2
The Y intercept is ? (type an ordered pair)

Find the y-intercept and the x-intercept for the equation.
-15x + y =33
What is the y-intercept? Type an ordered pair
What is the x- intercept? (Type an ordered pair, or type integers or fractions for coordinates)
Solve then graph: a + 3 < -15
Which of the following is the graph of the solution:

-20 -19 -18 -17 -16; these are the numbers that are on the arrow. sorry but this is all I can give you regarding the graph I just need the correct solution to be shown on the graph.

Calories Burned: 0-200 are the calories which supposed to be in place where the arrow is located on the left side.
Time and (min) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Find the rate at which a runner burns calories is ?
Per minute.
Translate into an inequality. Use the variable "x"
The price of an amusement park ticket is greater than or equal to $20
Simplify your answer put the variable on the left side of the inequality.
Determine whether a -4 is a solution to the inequality:
X > 4 yes or no is it a solution?

Find the slope if it exists
Y=-9x + 5
m = (Simplify your answer. Type an integer or a fraction. Type N is the slope is undefined.)
Use the intercept to graph the equation. 2x -6 = 3y

What are the coordinates of the y-intercept?
What are the coordinates of x-intercept?

The numbers on the graph are 6 y at the top of the graph and -6 at the bottom of the graph, A -6 is across the graph and 6 is located by the beginning of the arrow.

Solve using the addition and multiplication principles 2+9x < 11
The solution set is { x l x ? ?} Type an inequality symbol, then type an integer or a fraction.

Graph the equation by plotting points; x =6

Graph the equation and indentify the y-intercept Y = 1 2 the numbers are needed in the graph

Solve using the multiplication principle.
-2x > 1
9 the solution set is { x I x ??}

Graph the following equation and indentify the y - intercept y = x + 5

Mary is certain that every time she parks in the municipal garage it costs her at least $2.05, if the garage charges 30 cent plus 25cent for each half hour, how long is Mary car parked?
Mary cost is at least $2.05 when Mary's car is parked at least ? hours


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