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    Applications of Random Correlation Coefficients, Regression, Leverage and Least Squares

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    Please follow these instructions:

    The following are a set of worksheets on prob/stats. You can find the answers to the questions at:


    you can also find an applets or data sets at:


    Here is what I'd like for you to do.

    Please write ONE-TWO paragraphs summarizing the main points of the applet explorations: i) random correlation coefficients and ii) regression. So you don't actually have to do the problems. The answers are all provided. You just have to understand the contents of the investigation well enough to summarize and explain all the main points of the investigation.

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    I've attached a word document with an explanation of this exercise. You are basically looking at correlation ...

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    Applications of random correlation coefficients and regression are summarized and discussed. The solution is detailed and well presented.